November Spotlight Post

This website lists stress management tips for college students. These tips are “Get enough sleep,” “Eat well,” “Exercise,” “Avoid unnatural energy boosters,” “Get emotional support,” “Don’t give up your passions,” “Try not to overload yourself,” “Avoid relaxing with alcohol,” “Breathe,” and “Get a massage.” In general, these tips are helpful and attainable. However, certain strategies, such as getting enough sleep and avoiding overloading, may be difficult for college students to manage. The additions of emotional support and remembering to breathe are valuable tips. Stress can cause physical and emotional maladies, and stopping to breathe and talking to others can aide in clearing the mind and distancing students from stressors.

This website lists stress management tips for writers. These tips are “Set realistic expectations,” “Eat nutrients that increase energy,” “Move your body,” “Write in a different genre,” “Visualize the finished manuscript, article, or book proposal,” “Free your mind,” “Organize your desk, computer files, and house,” and “Write for someone who loves you dearly.” These tips are exceptionally helpful for writers. Writing in different genres can relieve stress caused by writers’ block. Organizing other materials  can distract one from the task at hand and be relaxing. Visualizing finished projects is motivational and relieves growing pressure.

This website lists stress management tips for families. These tips are “Evaluate your lifestyle,” “Talk about it,” “Create a healthy environment,” “Focus on yourself,” and “Change one habit at a time.” These tips are helpful for families struggling to destress together. Though they are somewhat generic, following these strategies can create a comfortable environment within the family. Family members can communicate individual concerns and work together to change stressful aspects of family life.


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