The online personality tests seem to be similar in nature. Many of the questions are restated in each test. The personality types I scored are also similar. The Jung Typology Test attributed me with the personality type INFJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging). People with this personality type are empathetic and inspirational. They tend to choose careers in the fields of liberal arts, such as writing. This personality type describes me fairly well. This test seems credible. The Type Theory test listed my personality type as ISFJ or “Conservator.” People with this personality type are loyal and work-oriented. Though this personality loosely describes me, the credibility of this test is questionable. The questions in this test are somewhat vague. My personality according to the Big-Five test is mostly Intellect/Imagination. This is fairly accurate. The results of the Color Test state that I am very stressed in my current situation. This is true, however, the other aspects of the results are inaccurate. This test does not seem substantially credible as colors cannot determine traits.


2 thoughts on “Personality”

  1. I agree with the fact that personality blogs tend to ask similar questions. The results of personality tests are usually vague. For instance, one of the personality tests said you were stressed about a current situation. I bet a lot of people are stressed about a current situation that they’ve recently been in, life is stressful. Some personality tests could come up with a description of a vague personality that the majority of a population have and a gullible person would be like “Oh my gosh, that’s totally me”, well, its everyone else too.
    We take personality tests to capture who we are as a person. Personality is a pretty complex thing to analyze, if an individual is struggling with analyzing their own personality, they might be more accepting of the results of a personality test. According to Dr. McFarlane’s lecture this week, personality is “an individual’s unique characteristics and relatively consistent patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaving”. If personality is based on unique characteristics, it can’t be generalized, which is what most personality tests do. That being said, I am a little skeptical of personality tests.


  2. I have similar feelings towards the personality tests. Many of the questions were repeated over the four test we took. Many were very general which made it difficult to answer. In my experience the tests did seem to comply with what I normally think of myself as well as you. Although, I did notice the broadness of the statements being made about each personality trait I was given. As a result of the statements being so generalized, there could be a very large group of people who can relate to the traits and say “yes that does describe my personality”. It seems to be the tests all have variations on what specific traits mean. I did see some overlapping between personality types throughout the four tests we took. That might add to the questionable credibility of the tests. I believe the tests are to simple and generalized to give an accurate reading of anyones personality type. There always a fun thing to do in your free time, but if you want a reliable source don’t let Buzzfeed or pop-up ads be your go-to personality test.


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