Motivation Option 2

I chose to come to Etown because of the small campus and the English program.  The location of the College and personalized academics also contributed to my decision. I took both the SAT and the ACT before I was accepted. I had to work vigorously to get into Etown. I always remind myself of how hard I had to work to get into Etown to motivate myself. I also reward myself by taking a break to watch TV after completing large assignments to stay motivated. These strategies have so far been successful in motivating me to keep working through the semester. I can continue to use these strategies to stay motivated until graduation. I can also add more rewards for completing assignments.



One thought on “Motivation Option 2”

  1. I like how you mentioned the steps into getting into college since it was something very underrated about the application process. Getting good SAT scores was so stressful due to the lack of information colleges give you pertaining to how they judge your SAT scores. I thought the SAT was a bigger deal than everyone made it out to be. I am also involved in the English department here and appreciate the way e-town runs that particular department as well. It is pleasing to know that the school values small classes and personalizing my educational experience, and I believe so many students see this clearly in the school. It is one of the many things that almost everyone admires about the school. The school is welcoming from the start, along with the people surrounding. Your strategy for staying motivated is similar to what I do as well; treating myself after doing good has become a ritual, but does the body good when necessary.


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