Option 1

Stress is a regular part of my life. Over time, I have learned to manage and handle stress. I am consistently improving my strategies for this. To de-stress, I often take a break from homework and spend time with my friends. Watching movies and taking walks are helpful ways to relieve stress. I also draw, knit, and watch TV to decompress. Knitting is particularly relaxing for me. I walk around campus multiple times a day. I am able to clear my mind during walks and other types of exercise. These methods of de-stressing have greatly improved my mentality. I become stressed very easily. Until I discovered the aforementioned methods, I was unable to properly de-stress, relax, and clear my mind. I believe I am currently able to manage my stress effectively. I do not need to add other stress management activities to my routine. My methods of decompressing are successful and regularly allow me to de-stress.


2 thoughts on “Option 1”

  1. I’m glad you have something that works for you, that is really important. Going through college is super stressful, much worse than I prepared for. Knitting is something that I’ve heard of before, but never realized how relaxing it can truly be. I am interested in how exactly relaxes you. Could it be the repetition of hand movements or the rewarding feeling of completing a project? I also like the idea of walking around campus; we have such a nice campus to do this at. It is always super quiet and the atmosphere instantly calms me down as well, I just never thought to walk around and incorporate exercise into a simple relaxation method. This goes along with how we discussed exercise as a stress relief in class, and you have taken it to another level by adding in the scenic atheistic that our campus provides. I also find nature very relaxing in a different way; I used to have a hammock at home that I could stare into the trees from and this helped me distress a lot just by stimulating my senses visually with nature would be instantly calming. I also love how you touched on just simply taking a break to allow our brains to relax. I think a lot of people forget that our brains cannot run constantly; and breaks are much appreciated in times of stress and can in fact make all the difference.


    1. I am happy to hear you have found ways that work best for you. It seems like you have great and effective ways of coping when your in a stressful situation. Going through college mostly consists of battling acute stressors however, would your strategies for stress be different if you were experiencing a chronic stressor? Many people handle different forms of stress in different ways. Stress of daily hassles seem to be easier to figure out then for say the stress of a life changing experience or traumatic event. When we get stressed adrenaline comes into your system and blood is pulled to the center of the body. We do this because we deprioritize things that aren’t of major concern in that moment. Noradrenaline is also produced which has a cognitive effect and blocks out all other problems. This is the reasoning why many of us can not see a solution when a stress response threatens our well being. Have you ever talked about what is making you stressed to your friends or family? Self-disclosure can be very beneficial to talk things out and often a solution or steps towards one can be found. Releasing your emotions that you have kept held in, Freud says can be healing as well, in his concept of catharsis. You mentioned exercise which is an awesome way to naturally calm you down as it releases endorphins and reduces anxiety and depression. You have some great adaptive strategies and I may have to try one or a few in my daily life.


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