Option 2

For this post, I took the Emotion Intelligence test. I scored 12/20 on the test. This score is apparently average. My score does not reflect the amount of expressions I believe I am able to read. The test is not an accurate measurement of emotion deciphering abilities.

The expressions depicted in the pictures within the test are vague and could be viewed several different emotions. Despite the descriptions of muscle movement caused by each emotion, differences in facial expressions are somewhat indecipherable. The descriptions do not match the listed emotions in many of the pictures. Happiness, amusement, embarrassment, shame, and love are examples of confusing expressions depicted in the test.

The ability to read emotions accurately is an integral part of daily life. Maintaining relationships requires communication, and understanding the feelings of others allows communication to flourish. Reading emotions also can be beneficial in judging certain situations.


One thought on “Option 2”

  1. While I don’t believe that this test was entirely realistic in determining whether or not a person could read emotions, I do believe it has some validity to it. The features it pointed out were accurately reflected in the pictures and they made sense once explained, but I do believe movement rather than stagnant pictures would have been a better test in recognizing emotions/facial expressions. The options were also kind of blurry, as many of them could be part of the same group, just small variations with overlap.


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