Option 1

My study habits are fairly successful in most instances. I generally reread notes and repeat them. In some cases, I rewrite notes in order to better remember them. I also study sections of the textbook which are covered on the test. I usually study for several hours throughout the week. These methods of study are effective and result in decent grades. The first psych exam was an exception to this.

I used the study methods mentioned above to prepare for the psych exam. They were not effective at all. I will need to study differently for the next exam. I will study for longer periods of time. I will rewrite key points. I did not do this for the first test. I will read the textbook multiple times to better understand the material. I will put more effort into studying theorists, as most of my incorrect answers on the exam occurred in the matching section.  I will also read the How to Study guide on canvas. Hopefully, I will be more prepared for the next exam.


One thought on “Option 1”

  1. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to studying for exams for different classes each semester, because you are essentially going in blind to how the tests are going to be. I’m glad to see your proactive approach to studying after the first exam, and I think it will benefit you! I truly believe that rewriting your notes, reading them out loud, and hearing them out loud all contribute so much to cementing the information into your head, so hopefully those tactics can serve you well for the next exam. The more senses you use to study, the better!


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